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P.Y.T. Girls logo (Updated) by Prince-of-Pop P.Y.T. Girls logo (Updated) :iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 1 0 Leave The Internet Alone! by Prince-of-Pop Leave The Internet Alone! :iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 4 2 70K Hits- Mikegasm Level by Prince-of-Pop 70K Hits- Mikegasm Level :iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 4 0
From Red To White: The Thriller Jacket
From Red To White:
The Thriller Jacket

Michael Bush a fashion designer has just finish a red Thriller jacket that will illuminate for the upcoming Dangerous Tour.
“Finally, it’s finished, I’ll go get Michael and show him the jacket.” Bush thought, the he left his room to go find Michael Jackson.
A few hours later, someone entered the room through the window and floats mid-air, that person is Marceline, the Vampire Queen who travelled around from the Land of Ooo, then she notices the Thriller jacket that glows red,
“Hmm...I never seen cool jacket before. And it glows red.” Marceline said to herself,
“Well, bottoms up.”, the she extends her fangs and sucks up the colour red making the red Thriller jacket white glowing white light around the jacket.
“Uh oh.”, Marceline gasp as she heard someone coming back to the room, she floats towards the window, closed it and left. Michael Bush returned with Michael Jackson.
“I c
:iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 0 0
The THRILLER Tales V- The Ringette
The Ringette
Marlena is recording Erica and Anya playing ringette, which is similar to hockey, but less physical contact. Sarah, Bruce, Aki, Paula, Hinata, Cameron and Michael were watching cheering on.
Just as Marlena kept on recording, something weird pops up like a creepy girl pop up on screen during recording.
"Huh? Co do cholery?",
"Is something wrong Marlena?" Sarah asked,
"I don't know, some kind of a weird glitch I think, but it stopped, then they keep focusing on the game in which Erica passed the ring to Anya makes a shot and scores. Their team is winning 6-1 and in which their team record 13 wins and 3 losses. Then later the game is over and everybody went home.
Then the next day, Marlena sets up a DVD which she burned the video of the ringette game she recorded.
"Now lets see how it's like." she said to herself and plays the DVD, while watching it everything looks good until a weird black haired teen girl appears on screen scaring Marlena until she collapsed to the f
:iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 0 0
The THRILLER Tales V- Arachnophobic
On a late summer morning, Aki, Michael and I headed out to a cottage for rent so that Aki and Michael can spend the summer at a rental cottage outside of town and I helped her for directions since Aki drives her light sky blue Lexus.
"Okay the cottage should be this to the left." I said as I looked at the map, we turned left and we passed each of the rental cottages from 101- 125, we were looking for cottage 118 which she rented, until we found 118. The cottage is like an ordinary logged cottage.
"Wow. Cozy looking cottage." Aki gasped in awe at the sight of the cottage,
"Looks cozy on the outside, let's take a look inside." I said, we went inside to take a look and it's also cozy looking on the inside too, we looked around, the cottage has a fireplace, 3 bedrooms, a basement with a bedroom and a bathroom, there's also a kitchen and a breakfast nook,
"I'm gonna take a quick shower, can you bring everything in here?" Aki asked,
"Sure." I offered, while I had all of
:iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 0 0
 Danica, Su Yung, Stacey, Paula, Jeanette and I woke up and found that we’re in a very disturbing dark room with the light lit and the walls, the floor and the drain stained with blood.
“Oh good god! Blood! There’s blood everywhere!” Jeanette freaked after seeing blood and she feels nauseated,
“Where in the hell are we?” Paula asked,
“What is this disturbing place?” Su Yung asked,
“I SAW YOU!”, a creepy yet loud deep muffled voice sounded,
“Who said that? Show yourself!” I shouted,
“Hey look, there’s a TV and it’s on the fritz.” Danica said as she pointed to the TV until suddenly, some evil puppet appears on the screen,
“Hello friends, did you enjoy the room?”, that puppet asked,
“‘GASP’ It was you! How did you bring us in this god forsaken place!?” Danica asked really pissed,
We were at the Halloween carnival which i
:iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 0 0
The THRILLER Tales V- Prelude
Prelude *Candy Feud*
 The kids Hinata, Cameron and Michael returned from trick or treating, Hinata dresses up as a pineapple, Cameron as a lightbulb and Michael as a gold fish.
"Man look at all that loot we got.", Cameron said,
"Yeah I'll say.", Michael said,
"Another awesome Halloween an...hey wait a minute.", Hinata said, getting suspicious on the candy,
"Cam, you have all of the caramel?", Hinata asked,
"Yeah? Why?", he answered asking,
"I wanted some caramel and those are the best ones.", she said as she took some of Cameron's caramel and Cameron protested,
"Hey get your own!"
"Oh just spare some and besides you have plenty.", Hinata said,
"Now, now we can just share our candy and...", Michael said, but was interrupted,
"Bite it Mike!", Hinata and Cameron protested,
"That's it.", Michael was hurt then the kids started to fight over candy until Sarah, Aki and I heard them.
"Hey! What's going on here!", I scolded and we saw them fighting,
:iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 0 0
Valencia Marches by Prince-of-Pop Valencia Marches :iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 0 0 Hinata Hyuga Plush Stuffer by Prince-of-Pop
Mature content
Hinata Hyuga Plush Stuffer :iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 5 0
The THRILLER Tales V Cover by Prince-of-Pop The THRILLER Tales V Cover :iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 2 0 I've Been Boobied!!! by Prince-of-Pop I've Been Boobied!!! :iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 5 0 Silas Patterson- P.Y.T. Girls Biopics by Prince-of-Pop Silas Patterson- P.Y.T. Girls Biopics :iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 2 0 Pia Lewis- P.Y.T. Girls Biopics by Prince-of-Pop Pia Lewis- P.Y.T. Girls Biopics :iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 1 0 Michael Fusato- P.Y.T. Girls Biopics by Prince-of-Pop Michael Fusato- P.Y.T. Girls Biopics :iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 0 0 Cameron Kiss- P.Y.T. Girls Biopics by Prince-of-Pop Cameron Kiss- P.Y.T. Girls Biopics :iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 0 0


Should I...? (Naughty Present-Edition) by Skie-Maree
Mature content
Should I...? (Naughty Present-Edition) :iconskie-maree:Skie-Maree 438 50
018 MJ: Bad Tour by CheesyyCake 018 MJ: Bad Tour :iconcheesyycake:CheesyyCake 57 15 Topic Tuesday 5 - Crossovers by mattwilson83 Topic Tuesday 5 - Crossovers :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 203 18 Aki Fusato (Rinmaru styled) by Minersart9 Aki Fusato (Rinmaru styled) :iconminersart9:Minersart9 1 1 Hinata Show by Jericoe Hinata Show :iconjericoe:Jericoe 325 6 Akidearest thing by Kinjiinto Akidearest thing :iconkinjiinto:Kinjiinto 20 13 Drawcember 07 MilkmanofMiami by StikyfinkaZ-003
Mature content
Drawcember 07 MilkmanofMiami :iconstikyfinkaz-003:StikyfinkaZ-003 263 23
Familia Uzumaki Boruto Calendar 2017 by AiKawaiiChan Familia Uzumaki Boruto Calendar 2017 :iconaikawaiichan:AiKawaiiChan 177 3 Familia Uzumaki The Last Naruto The Movie HD by AiKawaiiChan Familia Uzumaki The Last Naruto The Movie HD :iconaikawaiichan:AiKawaiiChan 107 2 Familia Uzumaki The Last Naruto The Movie HD by AiKawaiiChan Familia Uzumaki The Last Naruto The Movie HD :iconaikawaiichan:AiKawaiiChan 106 1 BoruHima The Last Naruto The Movie HD by AiKawaiiChan BoruHima The Last Naruto The Movie HD :iconaikawaiichan:AiKawaiiChan 102 3 NaruHina The Last Naruto The Movie HD by AiKawaiiChan NaruHina The Last Naruto The Movie HD :iconaikawaiichan:AiKawaiiChan 75 1 Gadget (Rescue Rangers) by Ray-D-Sauce Gadget (Rescue Rangers) :iconray-d-sauce:Ray-D-Sauce 83 6 Gadget (Chip n' Dale) by Ray-D-Sauce Gadget (Chip n' Dale) :iconray-d-sauce:Ray-D-Sauce 232 9 Gadget on a Greasy Floor by AcetheSuperVillain Gadget on a Greasy Floor :iconacethesupervillain:AcetheSuperVillain 30 3

NaruHina Wedding (Shippuden Finale)- Best moment since NaruHina was official 3 years prior and this year officially married which is the happiest moment as a NaruHina fan/shipper for 10+ years.

MJ Won/Robson Lost- After 4 hellish long years of lies and deceit from Wade Robson with his sex abuse case against Michael Jackson, the judge recently dismissed the case. Dead. Early Christmas present to us fans.

Anime Mania once again- So many new Anime and some classic ones I got to see were awesome. New ones like Boruto, KonoSuba, My Hero Academia, Love Tyrant were just too great and so funny. Even classics like the Saber Marionette J series and Grisaia series were really good. Despite how very sad Grisaia turned out.

Canada 150- Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday was a great event and I was able to celebrate the country respectfully with pride wearing my Brad Marchand Canada hockey jersey and Hockey Canada hat.


Manchester Attack- The terroistic bombing attack took place after the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester killing 22 attendants and over 100 others injured by the hands of Salman Ramadan Abedi. Ariana Grande returns to Manchester to host One Love Manchester benefit concert in early June 4 more than a week after the horrific event of the attack.

FCC kills Net Neutrality- The FCC killed the internet after a 3-2 vote of repealing Net Neutrality in favour of Ajit Pai responsible for ruining and killing the internet leaving the majority of Americans angry against Pai and the FCC in support of Net Neutrality. Canada is about to be next. I don’t want that to happen, because I’ll go on a full scale riot.

Anxiety Autumn- I went thru a couple of anxiety attacks thinking my mom is gonna help me clean my house, which I don’t want and I don’t trust her for it. My independence was threatened in the process, I rather do it myself than having help. Though that never happened I was relieved, my independent peace and privacy was safe.

Hollywood Sex Scandals- Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer and more possibly to come were under scrutiny over sex abuse, sexual harassment and such. Meanwhile, Corey Feldman is on a mission to expose more Hollywood scandals involving young kids being abused the same way he and his friend late Corey Haim have been thru in their young years and even exposed their abuser John Grissom. 2017 was a pretty whack year because of the scandals going on in Hollywood.
  • Watching: The Simpsons


Prince-of-Pop's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi guys, this is me, Prince of Pop.

Allow me to tell you about myself,

I am a devoted fan of Michael Jackson and my favourite song of all time is "Man In The Mirror". I'm also a fan of Naruto (mainly NaruHina). I love other anime and cartoons like Bleach, Spongebob Squarepants, Penguins of Madagascar, The Simpsons and such.
I'm a member of the MJJCommunity Forum, Naruto Forum (for NaruHina Fanclub), LoveMichael7, MJ Photo Collectors, Maximum Michael, PositivelyMichael and King Of The Dance Floor.
Former fan of the NHL and the Boston Bruins. I am autistic meaning I have autism and I am proud to be autistic, because I do have a strong intellect.
I strongly believe in fantasy, why? Because reality SUCKS!!! Life in cartoons, anime, art, stories and fantasies are my escapism.
I always wanted to be an artist, I may not be a professional artist, but being just an artist is enough for and my dream to be an artist has come true.
I hope you guys enjoy my art and stories, so have fun and thank you for visiting.


Current Residence: Northern Ontario, Canada
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: Pop, R&B, Rock & J-Pop
Favourite style of art: Any style
Operating System: MacBook Pro
MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic
Favourite cartoon character: Hinata Hyuga, Spongebob Squarepants, Donald Duck and Homer Simpson
Personal Quote: "I strongly believe in fantasy, why? Because reality SUCKS!!!"
Favourite Quote:

My actual penpal: :icondirtybad96:

My Art Status: :iconrequestsclosed: :iconrequestsask: :iconnocommissions: :iconnopointcommissions:




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Prince-of-Pop Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm afraid so, 3rd strike and you're out. I do not know how to I wish I can help but there's nothing that I can do, just report back at that idiot for threatening you. You know there other ways you can contact me like Twitter and my recent Tumblr page.
Third strike, sounds like youtube when having a strike on a copyrighted video, but is there a page to show me if I am on a strike on Deviantart too when I got reported by someone?

I forgot to edit my comment, because my comment is going to say 7th instead of 8th so now it is 9th today so I say it was Elvis Presley's birthday yesterday, I have did report her back saying on a subject that the user is acusing me of trolling and that on the writing to them, again I do not want my special account lose that my friend made for me 5 months after Michael's death.

Do you remember 8 months ago that other one have reported me, already so then it was months now so luckily I was never banned, remember, I think I have a feeling maybe it will fail, again, because I remember when, before I get suspended twice it takes like a day to ban me by suspension, I hope it will be the same as last time.

I met this guy who use DA too, but he said to not worry and see in a couple days if my account is still gonna be alright and he told me not to talk to her, again to try so I said to him I did stop after read she said reporting me for multiple accounts that it is none of their business to know.

It is now 2 days so I hope the guy is the same like the other guy last year I met who also say not to worry and that if I not worry then my account won't be gone.

Me and my mom we try to see my friend who help me make that account, but they were not home, I hope my DA account will never cut short for 9 years I have only, but I have art to be ready this year after waiting for the right time I feel like.
Prince-of-Pop Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, what I meant by strike 3 and you're out, I mean is you'll be out of DeviantArt for good I'm afraid. He's right you couldn't continue talking to those threatening and bullying you and just ignore them, I believe I've been telling you like more than a few times is just ignore them. I do hope you still remain here and hopefully your page won't be gone. You show your work when the time is right.
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Kawayoporu-chan Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018
Prince-of-Pop, this user put a stupid edit on her description art on accusing me of trolling and I am so angry at that as I do not want my link profile or my avatar there, because that's not the case/true it is here… she dirty trick me for thinking I was a manipulator of some other user, how horrid like she's being like a Michael Jackson accuser like Evan Chandler or Wade Robson, I thought this was never gonna happen!
Kawayoporu-chan Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
Hi, Prince-of-Pop do you love the animated movie called The Land Before Time?
Prince-of-Pop Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I used to, but I outgrown it.
Kawayoporu-chan Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017
Oh, so you grow out of it?

I was always so interested in watching those dinosaur film series which I liked them so much and they have a television series too, but I have never draw them, because they have so many details like wrinkles they always have a lot.
Prince-of-Pop Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, I just didn’t watch em’ anymore, maybe because I’m kinda too old for em’,  but mainly it’s because my brother ruined it and don’t ask how he ruined it. I rather not say.
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